War & Political Risk

In a dangerous world, local knowledge is paramount. For war and political risk insurance, that knowledge is MAP's greatest asset. Underwriter Ben Garston travels the world extensively to stay in the picture. MAP's broad but balanced book will span South America, Central Europe and the Baltic States to the Middle East, Africa and beyond.

MAP's appetite is for pure political risk - confiscation and the like - as well as broader contract frustration perils, such as pre-shipment, non-payment and unfair calling of bonds. In addition, we cover physical damage perils such as riot, terrorism and kidnap; traditional marine and aviation war risk; and the not-so-traditional lines of war on land and malicious tamper.

We lead with authority in each of these areas, having proven to our peers that our strategy is effective. That strategy involves intense research and travel, and a preference for working with those people who best understand their operating environment - especially where their trade or investment adds local value. Through our ongoing contacts in each country represented in the portfolio, MAP underwriters have achieved a particularly good risk selection record.

Like each country, each client is different, so MAP insists upon a flexible approach. We have both the will and the ability to create bespoke products, as our underwriters have proven with policies ranging from chemical terrorism to contingent expropriation coverage for financiers. Nor are we afraid of new or developing international situations: they provide another opportunity for us to create useful coverage for our clients, in difficult circumstances.

Our knowledge of the places where our clients work gives MAP an immediate advantage in understanding the potential problems, which is particularly important when claims arise. Our links with Omni Whittington Emerging markets BV, the credit and political risk recovery specialist, provide clients with access to expert risk management, even after the event has happened. That is when MAP will show you exactly why you bought insurance from us.

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