Property Insurance

MAP underwrites a broad based property insurance book, everything from fortune 500 companies to single dwellings, and is a leader in all classes of property.

The account can be divided into four broad categories; large property and onshore energy which are underwritten by Andrew Groom and Doug Sweeney; small property (including binding authorities and lineslips) underwritten by Paul Mason.

Technical risk pricing based on exposure drives the business. At all levels, risks will be subject to a careful review of the risk management and loss prevention measures in place, and often subject to independent due diligence (e.g. engineering inspection reports).

We rate our risks not only on experience, but also on actuarially-proven exposure to catastrophe. Thus each price is a long-term price, not one driven by market conditions. MAP will provide a steady price.

Behind the underwriting is a strong policy wordings ability. MAP has the experience and skill to develop bespoke conditions which will both suit the client and attract a following market, and to strengthen further the book of business as it grows, we have employed the additional skills of a market wording expert, Steve Mercer.

All of our property insurance underwriting will be matched by consistently high service throughout the fluctuations of the insurance cycle.

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